What exactly is happening in New York City?

Whatever it is, we are living for it.

More and more, Instagram is becoming dominated by the queens of NYC. The newest reigning queen of RPDRAquaria, is keeping the crown in town following last year’s Velour victory – which follows Bob The Drag Queen. Three in a row, and let us not forget the queen of all queens, Bianca Del Rio.

They’ve come to reign the gay kingdom…and reign well.

You know who especially loves these queens? New York OG and Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. She recently appeared on the streets this past pride serving mont-your-goddess realness, making us long for the days of Born This Way and Artpop.

There is one New York City queen who caught our attention, and is keeping that freedom flag flying high.

Meet Vinny Gaga. This NYC-based dancer is a force to be reckoned with, and is already snatching up them titles. She’s serving us old school Gaga vibes, but if you were all about the Joanne era, Vinny’s hat game is everything hunnny.

And… Lets just take minute to talk about Vincent, the man behind the Gaga!!!!

Take a moment to feel all that is Vinny Gaga.


A post shared by | Vincent | (@itsvinnygaga) on

A post shared by | Vincent | (@itsvinnygaga) on

A post shared by | Vincent | (@itsvinnygaga) on

A post shared by | Vincent | (@itsvinnygaga) on

A post shared by | Vincent | (@itsvinnygaga) on









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